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For the twelfth year, “Jardin chez Julie et Lova” will offer vegetable baskets in 2021. By subscribing to the baskets, you will receive farm fresh organic vegetables from June 9th to October 20th. You can choose to pickup your vegetables from one of our three pickup points in the region (Valleyfield, Coteau-du-Lac and Vaudreuil). You must subscribe for the whole season and pay a deposit before the start of the deliveries. Your commitment and your deposit help us plan our season and help us finance our seeds, salaries and other fees before the start of the season. On our part, we promise you that we will make everything possible (e.g.: best agricultural practices, purchase of local organic produce in the case of lack of production) so that you get more than your money’s worth of vegetables.

Price and sizes

This year we will offer a single size of baskets at 27.50$/week. This size is suited for two adults who eat a lot of vegetables or two adults with two children. The cost for the whole season of 20 weeks is 570,70$. This price includes a mandatory contribution of 18$+tx which is entirely remitted to family farmer’s network for their development and coordination work.

We ask you to pay a deposit of half the season’s total on registration while the rest can be paid in the middle of the season (week of August 1st). We can always accept a more flexible payment schedule, don’t hesitate to email us.

À l'inscriptionSemaine du 1er aoûtTotal
305.7 $285,00 $590,70 $

The vegetables

Each week we offer around 10 kind of vegetables. You will also get local organic fruits a few times (we are planning for 7 out of 20 times this year): strawberries, blueberries, melons and apples. We aim to offer a good base of vegetables liked by most people and add a few less common from time to time. At the pickup point, the vegetables are presented in bulk and you assemble your own basket. You can thus choose those that you prefer (bigger or smaller for example). You will also regularly have to choose between 2 or 3 different vegetables. As we know that tastes vary between people you have the possibility of exchanging a serving of vegetable that you want less for another one you prefer in the “exchange bin”. We invite you to try at least once the vegetables that you don’t know, you could make a happy discovery.

Pickup points

Each week (click here for the possibilities in case of vacations or schedule problems), you must come and pick up your vegetables at one of our 3 locations:

Vacation and modifications

When you register you select a pickup point and must go there to get your vegetables. If you can’t be there we ask you to send someone else to pick them up for you or move your delivery to another location (you can also take a double serving another week). On registration, an account is created for you to be able to move anyone of your delivery at any time. The system will also send you an email reminder the day before you have to come for your vegetables. If you don’t want to move your basket or double it another time you can also have one basket refunded to be used to buy extra vegetables at the farm stand or on order.

Forgotten basket

If you forget to come and pick up your vegetables and you didn’t notify us using the electronic system you can still get your vegetables. You can come anyday until the following Sunday at the farm (75, route 201) to pick them up between 9h00 and 18h00. You don’t have to notify us in advance, someone will be there or there will be baskets in self service.